Inventory Synchronization Software between BrickLink and BrickOwl


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BrickSync is a piece of software meant to run on a LEGO seller's computer to synchronize inventories between the BrickLink and BrickOwl marketplaces, with many feature beyond this. All incoming orders (and backups) are stored as BrickStore/BrickStock compatible BSX files, and the software can merge in new inventory (or update prices, and so on) from files in that same BSX format.

BrickSync is free and donation supported. If your inventory holds more than 250000 parts, you'll be kindly invited to support BrickSync or you'll be asked a small mathematical question/puzzle to check for new orders.

Checking for new orders, running on Linux.
Initializing from scratch with existing BrickLink and BrickOwl inventories, running on Windows.

Catching an order and using the loadprices command, running on Linux.
The evalset command in action, running on Linux.

Key Features


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Source Code

The BrickSync source code is not presently available. The software will become open source under the General Public License v2.0 when the total of donations and registrations reach a certain amount (a small fraction of what the work hours would have paid at the day job). The software is entirely written in portable C99, with no dependencies besides libssl for HTTPS encryption.


Special Thanks

The saveorderlist command, running on Linux.
BrickSync status report, running on Linux.